A few little pens

Little interactions are among my favorite things to design. I like little details like these because, when you add them all up, they make for a better user experience. Over the coming weeks, I’ll post pens here for various animations I’ve created. I’ll start with a (super) simple SVG hamburger menu. Generally, my process involves […]

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April finds me still chugging along on this project. After some design iteration and user testing we moved into development.  We are using Heroku for deployment.  I tackled the front-end using a combination of HTML and JavaScript with lots of external libraries from Google Maps API, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Font-Awesome. I was looking at the […]

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Tria -aka- Reflektor

Update for 2018 – Our paper has been accepted for publication with ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work. The conference takes place in January 2018 where we will present some of the ups and downs of contextualizing the needs of users. This year I’ve worked closely with Jared Bauer on his recommendation system called “Tria” or “Reflektor”. […]

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Sketching & Wireframes – Sparrow

My final class for a Master’s degree in Human Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington has me sketching and wireframing. Somehow I randomly ended up working on another safety device. This first round of sketches and wireframes is the easiest way to start building the concept. Still pretty rough, but it helps […]

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Design considerations: Obscuring potential information flow (Designs should not obscure the nature and extent of a system’s potential for disclosure. Users can make informed use of a system only when they understand the scope of its privacy implications.) Obscuring actual information flow (Designs should not conceal the actual disclosure of information through a system. Users […]

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Mirror Project

Mirror Inspiration After seeing a video that contained several years of self portraits, compiled from photos taken every day, inspiration struck. It would be pretty cool to allow family members to automatically document the growth of their children, changes to their own physical appearances (diet, hair cuts) in a way that is as much fun […]

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