Design for delight

Part of interaction design is getting a user’s goals and tasks completed as easily as possible, but also keeping in mind ways to delight the user.  After watching some of the painful steps required to build and create unique looking scrapbook designs within the Smilebox client, I thought about ways to make a user feel like they had created something customized and delightful, without all of those steps in between.

Generating colors from the user’s photo was a way to reduce the steps to the “wow” moment and instantly provided a completely unique, one-of-a-kind design that always coordinated with a user’s photos, regardless of its content.

After some testing, I found that users enjoyed the process itself and were delighted by the outcome.

Colormatic - (c) ajellebean

Other design possibilities sprung from the original design concept.


New ideas became more successful than the original.

modernDots2 modernDots

And eventually the idea became part of  Smilebox catalog iconography.

Modern Dots Icon

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