Improving Interaction

The invite ‘Join the Celebration’ is an example of a design type I created.  It is a simple design, with canned, or predefined, titles.  I always felt like that was such a waste.  Why not try to expand this model so the user can create their own graphic design?


After a bit of tinkering, I was was able to create designs that did just that.

It works by first capturing the text input by the user in an invisible text box.  Then, based on text specifics like font weight and number of characters input, it simultaneously displays a graphic version of the user’s text.  This meant, that for the first time in the Smilebox service, a user could fully customize a graphic title.  The best part, to a user, it is just a regular text box.



These designs have been in the Smilebox catalog for over a year now and they are still being frequently used.  I pulled the marketing slot from the promotion widget and noticed they are still using one of these designs to entice users to join Smilebox.


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