Design considerations:

  • Obscuring potential information flow (Designs should not obscure the nature and extent of a system’s potential for disclosure. Users can make informed use of a system only when they understand the scope of its privacy implications.)
  • Obscuring actual information flow (Designs should not conceal the actual disclosure of information through a system. Users should understand what information is being disclosed to whom.)
  • Emphasizing configuration over action (Designs should not require excessive configuration to manage privacy. They should enable users to practice privacy as a natural consequence of their normal engagement with the system.)


With the help of Sara Kepa as our project manager , we were able to define the following design solution requirements:

Adapative: We needed to have our solution speak to the subjectiveness of online privacy. The user should be able to select the services they use and offer a classification of alerts based on the user.

Transparent: We need to find a balance of transparency for the user. We should define some privacy standards, but allow for users to build off it while still complying. This could be achieved by an open source framework, which would also make it less susceptible to being hacked.

Increase awareness of privacy changes : Tells users when settings have changed. Provides specific and clear information to say what has changed.

Accessible Allows users to access privacy settings of services and unoscure information -provide a “back door” entrance into service privacy settings

Team Members: Katelyn Barrows, Eman Ismaiel, Aubury Jellenek, Sarah Kepa, and Ken Milne


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