Final prototype design

April finds me still chugging along on this project. After some design iteration and user testing we moved into development.  We are using Heroku for deployment.  I tackled the front-end using a combination of HTML and JavaScript with lots of external libraries from Google Maps API, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Font-Awesome.

I was looking at the Material design ui-sliders for comparison.  It does lend a better ui affordance but after laying out multiple sliders ( quick code-pen ) stacked one after the other, more design iteration would be necessary.

I also mocked up a different interaction for capturing mood.  It would need some work, but I think it would be worth testing to see how a user responds to the different interfaces.

Jared is wrapping up some back-end work and incorporating his recommendation algorithm.  In the next few weeks, we move into a month long study with participants.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After our previous survey data came in, we moved forward with the slider version of controls.  These are the initial mockups for the next phase of the study.


Brainstorming interfaces to test in an upcoming survey.

Some of the interfaces that we finalized for the survey.

ui2 ui3 ui1

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